Our company web stores are built from the ground up, with proprietary software we spent years developing and are continually upgrading as the web changes. These stores are maintained in-house, so we are able to control every aspect, which allows us the flexibility to create custom solutions for each client’s specific needs.





<p>For custom items, we have developed software that allows the user to personalize an item, review and approve the art at the point of purchase, and then simply checkout, their order will then show up as the custom piece they desired, allowing them to get back to their job and not spend valuable time having to touch the order a second time and go through a proofing process.</p>



<p>Keeping the store fresh with creative ideas is so important to its’ success…our team is constantly looking for new items by visiting with factories, attending product tradeshows and keeping up with all the trends via industry publications...combined with our own in-house graphic art and IT departments, we are not only looking for the freshest products but also the most creative ways to market as well as use the web properly.</p>


<p>The web stores are custom built to your individual needs, from the color to the functions to the reports, each store is unique in every way. We do this through our in-house IT department so we maintain complete control of every aspect of the stores and their functionality.</p>



<p>From inventory management to employee accountability to taking advantage of the economies of scale, the stores make your promotional products, custom printed collateral and uniform programs transparent and accountable.  Unused product that was sent to a trade show is able to be returned to Momentum and restocked at no additional cost to the client to be used at a future event.</p>



<p>With company owned warehouses, we are able to stock and fill orders for staple items on a daily basis.  Orders in by 2:00 ship the same day when being pulled from stock.</p>



<p>The stores are made to be as secure as you need them to be, whether they are open to the public, or protected via a secure portal login and placement of the store within a secure folder so they cannot be found on the web, the stores always carry an SSL Certificate and are backed up daily.  If payments are done online, it is completed through PayPal, the most secure web transaction hosting available.</p>


<p>With our proprietary software, reports are available 24/7 which show, real time inventory, how the inventory level was achieved by showing not only who used what, how many and when, but also how the merchandise was put into the store all tied together through invoice numbers for checks and balances…these reports are accounting friendly as they are spreadsheet based and are able to be exported as CSV files.</p>



<p>We are the point of contact for distribution of our clients promotional products…we ship and receive our clients merchandise every day for them, with full accountability, so they can focus on their business.</p>



<p>We are able to keep core items in stock by setting automatic reorder thresholds that do not allow the stock to run out.  By keeping inventory at appropriate levels through constant monitoring and recommending adjustments as we learn your stocking needs, we are able to make best use of your budget by not having too much in stock, but also by not getting caught off guard that no one recognized that an inventory level was getting low and running out of a key item.  You set the levels and we do the rest.</p>



<p>A successful store fills your needs; the only way we can continue to run our business is through the stores running successfully, so we are partners working for the same result.</p>